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  1. Abel's theorem on convergence of power series
  2. Absolute value function
  3. Absolute value of sine function
  4. Absolutely convergent series
  5. Accelerated gradient method
  6. Additively asymptotic functions
  7. Additively separable function
  8. Algebra containing all functions of a given algebra containing the identity function and their antiderivatives contains all their iterated antiderivatives
  9. Alternating series theorem
  10. Alternating series theorem fails if signs are not strictly alternating
  11. Alternating series theorem fails if terms are not monotonically decreasing in magnitude
  12. Analogue of alternating series theorem if magnitude of terms approaches a positive number
  13. Approximate Newton's method for optimization of a function of multiple variables
  14. Approximate Newton's method with constant approximate inverse Hessian
  15. Arc sine function
  16. Arc tangent function
  17. Automatic differentiation
  18. Autonomous delay differential equation
  19. Basic comparison test
  20. Bernoulli differential equation
  21. Bisection method
  22. Broyden's method for optimization of a function of multiple variables
  23. Broyden's method for root-finding for a vector-valued function of a vector variable
  24. Chain rule for differentiation
  25. Chain rule for higher derivatives
  26. Chain rule for partial differentiation
  27. Change of variable substitution
  28. Circular trap with integration by parts
  29. Clairaut's equation
  30. Clairaut's theorem on equality of mixed partials
  31. College:Product rule for differentiation
  32. Composite of any function with even function is even
  33. Composite of even function with odd function is even
  34. Composite of increasing functions is increasing
  35. Composite of odd functions is odd
  36. Composite of two functions
  37. Concavity of a function
  38. Concept of equality conditional to existence of one side
  39. Condition number
  40. Continuous function
  41. Continuous functions form a unital algebra
  42. Continuous functions form a vector space
  43. Continuous in every linear direction not implies continuous
  44. Continuous partials implies differentiable
  45. Continuous partials of a given order implies differentiable that many times
  46. Conversion of a differential equation to a system of first-order differential equations
  47. Coordinate descent
  48. Cosecant function
  49. Cosine-cubed function
  50. Cosine-squared function

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