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  1. Broyden's method for optimization of a function of multiple variables
  2. College:Product rule for differentiation
  3. Formula for even and odd part of power series
  4. Fredholm equation of the first type
  5. Fresnel cosine integral
  6. Fresnel sine integral
  7. Gamma function
  8. Germ of a function
  9. Hill climbing optimization
  10. Initial value problem
  11. Integer point of local extremum not implies point of local extremum among integers
  12. Integration by parts involving a function that is zero on the boundary
  13. Integration rule for piecewise definition by interval
  14. Inverse function integration formula
  15. L1-regularization may change the quadrant of local minimum for a quadratic function of two variables
  16. L1 norm
  17. Leibniz integral rule
  18. Limit of quotient equals quotient of limits
  19. Local maximum value may be smaller than local minimum value
  20. Main Page
  21. Mean value theorem
  22. Nesterov's accelerated gradient descent with constant learning rate for a quadratic function of one variable
  23. Nesterov's gradient acceleration
  24. Point of absolute extremum
  25. Power series solution method for differential equations
  26. Power series summation operator is linear
  27. Procedure for local and endpoint extrema among integers using the first derivative test
  28. Proof of chain rule for differentiation
  29. Receiver operating characteristic
  30. Rules for determining interval of convergence of power series of rational function
  31. Sandbox
  32. Secant method converges with order equal to the golden ratio from sufficiently close to a root of multiplicity one
  33. Second derivative rule for inverse function
  34. Separable function
  35. Series summation of rational function with quadratic denominator
  36. Spectral norm
  37. Taylor series of polynomial is the same polynomial
  38. Wronskian of two functions
  39. Zeta function

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