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Calculus:Error log

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| [[second derivative test]] || Didn't state that the point of concern must be a critical point in the "What the test states" section though it was stated in the "What the test is for" section || [ September 19, 2011] || [ May 2, 2012] || didn't review, revisit page
| [[point of local extremum implies critical point]] || Fact numbers in the Explanation column for the local minimum case were somewhat messed up (although fact numbers in the Facts used column were correct), also used "maximum" instead of "minimum" at a couple of places in the Facts "Given data used " column || [ October 20, 2011] || [ April 25, 2012] and [ May 4, 2012] || copy-paste error from maximum to minimum. I should really have caught the second error at the time I caught the first ... it just goes to show that one has to be doubly, triply careful when reading tabular proofs and check that all columns are correct and up to date.
| [[first derivative test]] || had "right" in place of "left" for one of the case rows || [ September 19, 2011] || [ April 24, 2012] || didn't review, revisit page

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